Heets Heets

Heets consist of 7 flavors and consist of a paper filter pressed in tobacco, which in combination with the IQOS are used to heat it. produced by Phillip Morris.

What are Heets?

A HEETS tobacco stick is a roll of tobacco, about 5 centimeters, held together by a thin paper tube containing a corn filter filled with pressed tobacco. Heets come in a pack of 20 tobacco sticks. The use of one tobacco stick takes about as long as smoking a traditional cigarette. Heets are heated by an IQOS device rather than burned as with a traditional cigarette. With tobacco no smoke, no ash and less odor is released. The nicotine-containing tobacco vapor contains fewer harmful substances than the smoke from a cigarette. Heets are available in 6 flavors and mimic the experience of a traditional cigarette.

The 6 flavors of the Heets?

AMBER roasted tobacco blend with a slight hint of woody and nutty aromas.

YELLOW is a soft, aromatic tobacco blend with a sparkling spicy accent

TURQUOISE delivers a fresh menthol taste coupled with a lightly roasted tobacco blend, enriched with a subtle spicy accent.

SIENNA is a round, roasted tobacco blend with woody nuances and a subtle hint of tea aroma.

BRONZE is a soft aromatic tobacco blend with accents of cocoa and dried fruit.

BLUE delivers a deeply cooling menthol flavor in combination with a soft tobacco blend, enriched with peppermint and creamy vanilla accents.

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