What do the symbols in the e-liquids?
[ohm +]: This e-liquid is suitable for coils above the 1.0 Ohm (pull from real cigarette, vapor comes first in the mouth and then the lungs), the vapor passage is narrow so ideal for small e-liquids.
[ohm]: This e-liquid is suitable for coils under 1.0 Ohm (hookah effect vapor is equal smoking on the lungs) vapor passage is wide so ideal for viscous liquids email.
gives the PG / VG value of the e-liquid. e-liquids with a VG of 50 or more are syrupy, e-liquids with a DP of 50 or more are thin.

Important !!: This Aromas still have to be blended with Pure Base CLICK HERE to select a PG / VG ratio and nicotine strength of the Pure Base.

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