Oxva Origin Vape Kit

Color: Black Carbon Fiber
Sale price€34,99


The Origin Vape Kit by Oxva is a compact and sleek device harnessing 40W from a single 18650 battery (Sold Separately), With an intelligent Photon Chipset providing a wide range of safety features including short circuit protection, coil detection and much more. This device uses a large capacity refillable pod to allow long-lasting vaping on the go and the option to switch flavours when you need to. 

  • 40 Watt Output
  • 18650 Battery
  • Plug N Play Coil Design
  • Zinc Alloy Construction

With a durable and sturdy chassis crafted from zinc alloy, this device can withstand moderate wear and tear without excessive damage to superior electronics.  Also featuring ergonomic moulding meaning its comfortable to hold and will help prevent any slipping when in use. 

This device features a unique slide offside panel to housing an internal 2ml pod allowing increased capacity. With speedy coil replacement with the innovative Plug N Play coil design, you won't be caught out. 

Utilising a 0.3ohm and 0.5ohm mesh coil, the Origin can create large clouds of vapour in a direct lung fashion or can accommodate those that prefer MTL vaping with a 1.2ohm Head Coil, offering a more restrictive mouth-to-lung vaping feel.

OXVA offers a variety of models in their range of vape kits and mods. But none is more popular than the OXVA Origin AIO.

This one of a kind vape kit is the creation of Justin Lai, one of the founders of OXVA. It is the smallest AIO powered by a single 18650 battery capable of firing up to 40W. This little device delivers all the power you need for all-day vaping and is fitted with Uni Coils.

Build Quality and Design

With vape gear, looks are an essential aspect, and the OXVA origin doesn't disappoint. It's a well-made device with a curvy and shiny appeal. It has a smaller footprint than other AIOs in its class, and the height is cleverly thought and executed.

The zinc alloy construction gives the device a durable and sturdy feel. If you’re looking for an affordable AIO vape kit that will satisfy all your vaping needs, look no further.

Power Adjustments

It's always a godsend to have a vaping device that can adjust to your preferences. The OXVA Origin is one such device. Despite being adjustable, the device isn’t complicated or overwhelming to use.

It has one button that is used for firing. There's a + button that you can use to scale up the wattage. Once it hits 40W, the device will roll back to zero when you press the + button again. It scrolls quickly, so you don't have to worry about scrolling down.

You can use the OXVA Origin vape kit with two types of coils:

  • The 0.3-ohm coil comes pre-installed. This one maxes at 40W.
  • 5-ohm coils max 25 watts.

The power adjustments are in one-watt increments and can stop on a dime. This gives you total control over the device to tailor your vaping experience as you please.

Airflow and Adjustments

The Origin is pre-dominantly a direct-lung device. But with some creativity, you can also make it an MTL using MTL coils. You can also adjust the airflow ring and tighten it down when looking for an MTL experience.

The AIO kit design makes it easy for you to adjust the vape as you see fit, giving you the rare opportunity to vape according to your preference in the moment.


The size of the OXVA Origin can be misleading. Despite its small stature, the device puts out an excellent performance. It comes with two mesh coils.

The pre-installed 0.3-ohm mesh head is the best at flavour extraction and is precise and accurate in its operation.

The 0.5-ohm mesh coil isn't bad either. It's perfect for intermediate vapers who are still finding their footing in vaping and want to keep the vaping temperatures manageable because it maxes out at 25W.

However, most experienced vapers keep the range at around 30W, which means 25W is equally impressive.

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