Voom Starter Kit Pro

Color: Grey
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The Starter Pro Kit by Voom is the essence of simplicity and elegance featuring a perfect 360 degree round edged body and then finely polished to perfection with a five axis polishing machine. 

The Voom is ultra slim weighing only 16.2g with a slim line body measuring only 7.2mm thickness, amazingly this sleek device houses a powerful 320mAh battery which is easily charged with the stylish Voom charging dock within 45 minutes, this long lasting charge can last up to 3 days. (Charging Dock Sold Separately)

This device does not lack the most cutting edge precautions because of its size including a multitude of safety features including over charging protection, short circuit protection & much more. 

The Vooms intergrated smart battery indicator light will inform you of its battery level by displaying a series of colours and if any faults are present. The Battery indicator Light will be RED when equal to or less than 30%, BLUE when between 30% and 70%, WHITE when equal to or greater than 70% and when fully charged GREEN.

If the light flashes 3 times this is an indicator of a short circuit, 2 times it's an atomizer connection fault and 5 times means you have hit the puff timeout (10s)

This Kit includes: 

  • 1x Voom Pod Device
  • 1x Voom Docking Station
  • 1x Pack of Pods (Choose your flavour at checkout)
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card

  • Weight: 16.2g (Device Only)
  • Thickness: 7.2mm (Device Only)
  • Multiple Protections: Low Voltage, Short circuit, Overtime protection, Blowback protection and Overcharge protection.
  • Button Free operation
  • Micron Ceramic Coils (Pure Taste)
  • Magentic Pod Connection
  • Magentic Charging Connection
  • Battery Indicator Light
  • Fault Indicator light
  • Battery: 320mAh (Device)
  • Battery: 1200mAh (Docking Station)

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